Conflict Resolution and Negotiations (DBA730)


Course Memo

This course develops an understanding of the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation and professional relationship management. It will focus on increasing student awareness and understanding of ethical principles and stakeholder considerations that influence the choices offered and made in transactions and relationships within the context of global business. A particular emphasis will be placed on various strategies and tactics for resolving conflicts, transactional and interpersonal differences, and disputes across different cultures, nations, languages, and value-sets. The course methodology will be highly participative and utilize class discussion, assigned readings, and simulations in one-on-one, and group situations. At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to: 1) Understand and appreciate alternatives to conflict in resolving differences in goals, values, religious orientation, and cultural perspectives. 2) Understand and use the tools and techniques of effective negotiation to achieve positive, and mutually desired goals and 3) Actively mediate and resolve interpersonal conflicts between and among stakeholders with different goals, values, and cultural perspectives